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Jordan Rain/Yogoman - 9 Jordan Rain Song 20th Anniversary Vinyl and Summer Shows 2023 

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of Jordan Rain/Yogoman's  ‘9 Jordan Rain Song.' This unearthed Pacific Northwest indie/low fi gem that came out in 2003 should be considered a low fi classic world wide. The artist Jordan Rain/Yogoman will be performing selections from ‘9 Jordan Rain Song’ with his live group Yogoman Burning Band (YBB) this Summer 2023 around the Pacific Northwest region. See the SHOWS section of the website for their event schedule. 

Like a flick of the switch at age 17, NW musician Jordan Rain (aka Yogoman) jumped from the burgeoning 90’s Grunge music scene, attending Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, SubPop's Lamefest, Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine, and more as those groups were breaking into the mainstream music markets. At age 18, Rain discovered through friends at school, the more intimate grass roots indie/DIY/underground/all-ages music scene of Seattle, WA. Rain dove head first into the underground world, attending and playing all-ages, drug and alcohol free shows at the legendary Goat Haus in the Central District of Seattle, hosting regular concerts from bands all around the country. With his good friend Cameron Chapman, they began hosting house concerts in their living room on Capitol Hill called the Radio House, featuring many punk, hardcore, noise, indie, experimental, folk groups, including Modest Mouse and Jimmy Eat World, before those band’s international successes. As Seattle’s identity changed and population increased, Rain moved North in 1995 to Bellingham, WA, for an eclectic and more approachable music community.  

Rain became a live vinyl DJ in 1999 just before discovering vintage Jamaican music through New Orleans record store owner, fellow underground musician (Swing Swang Swung), and tastemaker Matt Knowles aka Prince Pauper of the Domino Sound Record Shack. Rain was initially raised on Rock n Roll by his father Michael Rain, who was an original Seattle Hard Rock musician of the 70’s and 80’s. As a young man fresh out of high school, Rain sought a different path participating in Hardcore, Punk, Shoegaze, Experimental, Improvised noise music and early Emo music, through most of his 20's before toning it down a notch and participating in a local Doo Wop and Soul band, Alamo Social Club just before recording his debut  ‘9 Jordan Rain Song in 2003 at the age of 30. Once he heard Mento, Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub, and Dancehall genres, Jamaican Foundation music changed Rain’s musical path drastically and gave him a new heart connection to music and a reason to be more thankful and grateful in life as an American Citizen considering the Jamaicans making music in the 60's were mainly living in third world conditions yet their songwriting and vibes were so positive. To share his growing knowledge and inspiration of those Jamaican genres, Rain began DJing live in 1999 to share that music with his community as well as spinning American Soul music at times and having two wildly successful Reggae (Boundary Bay Brewery) and Soul (Green Frog Tavern) DJ Nights in Bellingham, WA over the years.   

After having his first child Meixing Rain, and working at a factory job to support his family, Rain started writing songs on his breaks and decided to dedicate his life to music full time as a career path, despite the risks, to show his daughter how to follow her passions and love in life as a choice, and thus formed Yogoman Burning Band (YBB) as a live dance band in 2005.  Rain carefully chose a distinguished all star crew for the first incarnation of YBB that had players from all aspects of the music scene but who had wanted to collaborate with him at some point. What differentiates Yogoman Burning Band in the Northwest corner was Rain's intentionally vibrant and positive song output as a rebellion against the effects of the NW weather patterns that so often sway toward dreary, hard edged and heavy music, echoing the depression, hopelessness, Seasonal Affective Disorder and drug abuse common in the region. Coming from the underground, Rain also wanted to make YBB's music accessible for all ages to break down the American social walls of music often separated by all-ages venues or over 21 venues, as well as bringing to the spotlight dancing as a viable form of cultural expression and health for the audience and to support that culture by making dance music. 

Before dedicating himself to music full time with YBB, Rain recorded two primitive solo albums by live overdubbing directly into the pinhole condenser mic in the screen of his white plastic 2003 Mac laptop he bought as a fresh college student at age 30, forming his own degree in Music Production and Performance at Fairhaven College (WWU). Rain mixed these new and inspired tracks down in Garageband that came with the computer and though it is a rough and raw expression, he was quite happy with the results of recording and layering track by track in his living room near the corner of Cedar & Forest Streets in Bellingham where he was renting a house with his family. His debut ‘9 Jordan Rain Song’, was originally released on the now defunct Bellingham, WA indie label Murder Mountain, receiving acclaim amongst Rain’s contemporaries and music industry professionals behind the scenes. Yogoman Burning Band will be performing selections from 9 Jordan Rain Song this Summer 2023 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this album and Rain will be co-releasing his classic album on vinyl with Black Noise Records of Bellingham, WA (Bellingham record store). The second solo album Street Lights was initially released on indie label Pool Or Pond out of Chicago, and now only few CD's remain for sale by mail order and is listenable at

9 Jordan Rain Song’ has remained Rain’s favorite musical work to date that was only released locally on CD back in 2004 with hand silk screened covers printed by Rain himself. “I never get tired of hearing that album and I’m more proud of it than anything I’ve ever recorded, even professionally,” to quote Rain. The album’s genre or overall sound is hard to describe but fits well together under one roof like a concept album or impressionistic painting before it finishes in under 30 minutes. Surf/Dancehall/Rock, Arabic/Soul/Pop/Funk, Shoegaze/LoFi, World/Cinematic, a Folk Mantra/shanty, Country/Soul, Doo Wop/Soul, ending in an Anti-Political Dancehall/Punk anthem. The music is streaming most everywhere as artist/title: Jordan Rain/Yogoman - 9 Jordan Rain Song, so we encourage you to give it a deep listen and share with your community if you dig it. A fan/friend fundraiser to help support the vinyl release is at: and we thank you for your support!


Yogoman opens for the world famous Skatalites on their 50th Anniversary World Tour 

We were honored to join positive forces in Seattle, WA with Jamaica's original Ska band, the Skatalites for their 50th Anniversary World Tour.  Hard to believe they started back in 1964, but you'd never know it by the energy and life they breathed into the Nectar Lounge on September 14th, 2014.  Here's a few pictures of their Studio One album, the night's poster and the Skatalites performing that night followed by a great review of the show: 

(photos by Hollie Homan)

Pictured above is Lester Sterling on Alto Sax, co author of Bangarang, one of Yogo's favorite Jamaican tunes/riddims.  To Sterling's right is Trever "Sparrow" Thompson wailing on Yogoman's drums during Skatalites set.

From Left to Right is Travis Antoine on Trumpet, Val Douglas on Bass (what an amazing bassist!), and Andre Murchison on Trombone (he really was on fire this evening).

Azemobo "Zem" Audu on Tenor Saxophone and Doreen Schaffer, original Skatalites feature vocalist!
We all had fun backstage chatting, and I also found Roots Reggae singer Winston Jarrett in the crowd and we ended up singing THIS TUNE to one of the Skatalites instrumentals, which was originally a 45rpm record cut on Jamaica's Studio One label in 1969.  

Here are a few pics of Yogoman Burning Band during our set and a link to the photographer/writer Holly Homan's East Portland Blog, who reviews the show, quite favorably of YBB.  Thanks for checking this little piece of history out and we hope to see you dancing and smiling at the next show.  Cheers- Jordan Rain/Yogoman

YOGOMAN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM- Yogoman on drums ringin' da Dragon bell,
Dan deLisle on 
Trombone, Jimmy Austin - Trombone, and Will Glazier - Trumpet,
The lovely Jacqueline Rae on Bongos and Vocals,
& Papa Mike Rain on thee bass guitar!




We will be taking a 36 foot school bus out on the road and heading to these fine locations with Jeremiah and Diana Austin (of the Love Lights) on horns w/ their little boy Desmond in tow for their first tour ever!  Also Jac and I's little boy Buck Rain will be also be on his first tour and sadly, this will be the first and last tour to California with Miles Harris on guitar and vocals.  He is only 19 and needs to get out and seek his passion, which currently is to move over to Pullman, WA to play music with his long time friend and musical soul mate, which he knew he needed to do since graduating high school. So we wish this to be the best possible tour and I will not forget how much great connection I have felt with Miles on the guitar in such a short time with YBB. He is incredibly talented and we wish him the best wherever he goes musically, and most likely will save him a spot in YBB if he wishes to return someday ;)  Miles' girlfriend and Jacqueline's oldest daughter Chloe will be watching the two infant boys on the road and helping us in the myriad of ways she always does when we are lucky enough to have her on the crew.

THURS. June 19 - Yakima, WA downtown summer concerts (ALL-AGES)
FRI. June 20 - Cottage Grove, OR (next to Eugene) Arcade Theater (ALL-AGES)
SAT. June 21 - Arcata Wedding 
SUN. June 22 - McKinleyville, CA (Arcata/Eureka) Six Rivers Brewery (ALL-AGES)
TUES. June 24 - Caspar, CA (Fort Bragg/Mendocino) Caspar Inn 21+
WED. June 25 - Sacramento, California @Fox & Goose Public House and Restaurant 21+
THURS. June 26 - Davis, CA @ Sophia's Thai Kitchen 21+
FRI. June 27 - SF/BAY AREA/OAKLAND??? - NO SHOW SCHEDULED - YBB AT YOUR HOUSE PARTY - LET'S MAKE A DEAL message Jordan Rain on Facebook or IT'S A FRIDAY AND WE WANT TO PLAY THE BAY!  Find a house, invite your friends, grab some drinks, potluck, pass the hat, and dance to the music; it's a party!
SAT. June 28 - Mount Shasta, CA @ Wayside Grill ALL-AGES 




Let me officially introduce the newest members of Yogoman Burning Band- Jacqueline Rae and Miles Harris.  Hailing originally from the swamps of Linden, TX, and later Bellingham, WA- Jacqueline Rae is my sweetheart and soul mate who is about to give birth to our son Buck sometime around my birthday- April 15th, next month!!! To bring my fiance into the band was undoubtably a bias move, but if you knew her history as a musician, experience in the world, bubbling personality, coupled with a desire to get back to singing and playing roots music; I dare say you wouldn't have made the same move as I. It has always been a dream of mine to both play music and travel with my s.o. too; so a dream has come true.  We are still playing shows on the calendar including the trip to Portland on the 29th of March @ Mississippi Pizza, so who knows where our little guy will be born, but most likely back home in Bellingham, WA.  
Miles Harris is Jacqueline's eldest daughter Chloe's boyfriend who is a guitar slayer and dedicated musician steeped in blues, oldies and rock n roll, and now soaking up my influences of Jamaican, New Orleans and African guitar styles, which is a whole new world for Miles, but one he is fielding happily. The family band grows stronger branch by branch. - Jordan Rain

 Jacqueline Rae- Vocals & Bongos.

Jacqueline was raised in East Texas in swampland by the Louisiana border in a small town called Linden, TX; home of T-Bone Walker.  There she grew up singing blues, country and gospel music and got her start in church and on the playground.  At the age of 15, her parents moved North to Bellingham, WA, where she took up Opera singing shortly after as a Coloratura Soprano. Jac sang Opera for 20 years studying in NYC and Seattle areas, while traveling the world as a singer.  For better or worse (we think better), her opera career and all singing ended due to an automobile accident. Jac had been resting and recovering for 7 years before she was determined to start dancing and singing (as prescribed by her doctors for cognitive and physical rehabilitation). She found a home at Bellingham's Green Frog music venue and started singing again at their Sunday Night Slow Jam, a casual/friendly in the round environment where anyone can sing or play. Shortly after a season of starting to sing again, she met Jordan Rain/DJ Yogoman at his Soul Night at the Green Frog and started dancing again. Jac and Jordan fell in love at first sight and the rest is their story unfolding. Jac has been working closely with Yogoman on YBB's artistic direction.

Miles Harris- Guitar & Vocals

Miles Harris picked up the guitar and started singing at the age of 16 in his room living in Mount Vernon, WA. After becoming obsessed with the guitar and playing it constantly, it became apparent to Miles, his friends and community that he has a natural talent in music. Harris formed a band with his High School friends and headlined the Mount Baker Blues Festival and Skagit Woodstock last year at the age of 18.  Miles met Yogoman through his high school sweetheart Chloe's mom Jacqueline, and they ended up playing music in Jac's kitchen every time they visited and an effortless groove was established. Yogoman asked Miles to play guitar in YBB after a 3 year guitar hiatus in the band and seeing Miles perform live and acknowledging his talent and compatibility. Miles brings a big smile and positive presence to the Burning Band, which is much appreciated!

We are currently down a horn section and want to say thanks to our most recent section of players who left the group due to creative differences and needing a change of pace for themselves - Amanda Rhine, Nelson Bell, and the longest running member of YBB- Mars Lindgren.  We thank you for your time and dedication to the music of YBB, enjoyed traveling and experiencing music with you and wish you all the best in your new life adventures.

Currently, I am subbing horn players for currently booked events from the Bellingham and Seattle community, which is a fun variety of players. So far this includes Dave Dolengewicz on Bari & Tenor Saxophones, Jeremiah Austin on Trumpet, Will Glazier on Trumpet and Jimmy Austin on Trombone.  We had our first show in Olympia with Dave and Jeremiah and they totally pulled it off with flying colors having learned an immense amount of material in a two week time span.  Good show Burning Men!

EXCITING NEWS!!! Next on the horizon and currently in the works, we are setting up a cultural exchange program between YBB and the Alpha Boys School of Jamaica, which has brought about some of the island's best (Desmond Dekker, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace who was the lead in the movie Rockers and on countless Jamaican recordings, many of the Skatalites including legendary Trombonist Don Drummond and Trumpeter Dizzy Moore, etc.) and currently most promising musicians due to their excellent musical education there and skill training in such areas as book binding, screen printing, and graphic arts.  I contacted the president Janett Grant and she responded promptly and passed my info onto the Bandmaster Winston "Sparrow" Martin. Martin, who has also toured with the Skatalites is a celebrated musician who just received the Carribbean Community of Retired Persons Limited 'Jamaica 50 Living Legacy Award' for contributing invaluable service to Jamaica since Indepenence (8/6/62). Sparrow was one out of two musicians ever to receive this award. Anyways I got a call from Jamaica recently from Sparrow where he was bubbling with enthusiasm and let me know "Jordan Rain, Yogoman, I have the horn players for you. We gonna make your dreams come true!." I was so happy talking to this living legend of Jamaican music and hearing his excitement about the prospect.  So my current crew and I are working at facilitating this awesome dream.  We have had great combos of horns in the band since it's inception, but it will be most excellent to draw from the country of one of my main musical inspirational sources and from which the players will have been learned and steeped in that culture.  I am excited and I hope you are too at the future incarnation of Yogoman Burning Band.  Until then, enjoy the great configuration of local horn players we will be training and rotating in and expect nothing less than good times dance music at every show, as we work up new tunes, rework classics, throw in a fun cover here and there, and continue the adventure!

Love always to our most blessed Yogofans! - Jordan Rain/Yogoman




                                                                                           AND A COUPLE PICS OF SET UP AT THE FROG



                                                                                              AND KIDS ROCKIN' THE YOGO MASKS!!
                                                                                                                                                STAGE RIGHT
                                                                                                                  STAGE LEFT

                                                                               TIME TO BASH PINATA FOR B-DAY GIRL SARAH RAMON!!
                                                                         A LITTLE BIT OF DJ'ING AT THE BREAKS FOR DJ YOGOMAN
                                                                            AND A HAPPY NEW YEARS WAS HAD BY ALL ;)



Hello friends over the border and those who know folks up in Vancouver, B.C.,
We'd like to bring your attention to this upcoming show we will be headlining at Vancouver Fan Club in downtown Van, and hope you will help spread the word. Vancouver Fan Club has a cool New Orleans aesthetic, friendly staff, and a great sound system.  We hope to make VFC a regular stop just north of our home in Bellingham, WA.  Here is a
Facebook Event for the show, and we'd love it if you would invite your friends/networks up there to dance with us come Wednesday 8/14/13, which is a benefit for our friends at Reverbia Camp @ Burning Man.  
Thanks and Love from Yogoman Burning Band!


Dress festive, like dancehall meets Carnival. We expect 500+ people. Advanced tickets available online at
Hope you can make it, and thanks for supporting YBB and our new video/single release for the song Dancehall Tonight. Of course, it is going to be a blast playing music and seeing ya'll rockin' steady close to the Bay. Please share/invite your friends to this event, make history in our music video and bring the party!

We're including a reworking of Ben E. King's classic Stand By Me, done by Yogoman Burning Band in a reggae style from the Larry Yes Basement Tape sessions.  This one sounds good for summer chillin'.  FREE DOWNLOAD below.

The High Dive - Seattle, Saturday, December 1st, 2012 

This was our last of three very fun shows with the band Otis heat. Morning Glory Revival started things off followed by a great set set from the Otis Heat the time we hit the stage things were warmed up and people were dance hall ready! The High Dive folks said that they had never seen so many people dancing as they were during our set!
Mission accomplished!

Tag The Tiger Tour Summer 2012 

**ALERT: Yes, we realize this is not in fact a tiger, but a leopard.  However, our motto here at Yogoman Burning Band is LET'S GET RIDICULOUS! So get over it and into it**

Wed. 8/29 - YBB kicked off Yogoman's last Reggae Night in the garden in Bellingham @ Boundary Bay to a full house dance party!
Th. 8/30 - On the road to Burning Man Drove all day and camped in S. Oregon near Kalamath Falls after picking up our friend and sound engineer for the tour,
Phredd Talbot ;)
Fri. 8/31 - Arrive at Burning Man Festival during a major dust storm, set up at camp Reverbia (6:45 Esplanade) and played late this evening on their outside stage. The dust died down and we rode our bikes out across the playa from one gigantic fire breathing rave to another, dancing until dawn with fellow burners.

Sat. 9/1 - After a couple hours of sleep, we began exploring Black Rock City's many camps and curiosities before playing a set at Camp Reverbia's Shade Concert Series at 4pm to a fun crowd.
After seeing the man Burn that night, we played a great set at Center Camp's main stage into the a.m. that pulled in and woke up people from around the world, and turned into a fun romp with even some Bellingham people showing up to dance.
Sun. 9/2 - Davis, CA- We began the long drive to San Diego, reaching Davis, taking respit at our friend Patrick Langham and co.'s headquarters. Peaceful sleep at last.
Mon. 9/3 - Cleaning Party: We did Laundry, took the van to a D.I.Y. car wash, and removed playa dust from everything we had.  That night, Nelson and I went to lay down some more vocal and trombone parts at the house we recorded our latest batch of tunes at Mr. Langham's old recording room.  More good sleep.
Tues. 9/4 - Visalia, CA- getting down the road to San Diego, we stopped at our friend Nick Shapansky's house for a solid meal and more rest.
Wed. 9/5 - San Diego, CA - Arrive at my dad's old friend Floyd Rose's house, where we set up camp for a couple days, having a nice Ceasar Salad there with he and his wife Faith. Floyd and Mike were once bandmates in the 70's before Mr. Rose perfected the locking tremolo for which he is most famous for. Jordan hadn't seen them since 1981.
This evening we played the infamous Winston's Beach Club, where we had wanted to play for some time. The show was great and we got everyone in the club (full house) up and dancing to our music.
Th. 9/6 - Los Angeles, CA - after taking the better part of the morning on Solano Beach near San Diego, we made the short drive to L.A. to meet up with Yogo's good friend Josh Ploeg, the Travelling Chef, who cooked us an amazing Vegan lasagna before our show at the Five Star Bar. We saw some L.A. friends and made a few new hardcore fans!
Fri. 9/7 - San Francisco, CA - this was the beginning of the most sleepless leg of the tour.  The concert was at Hotel Utah, a fun, historic, turn of the century bldg. and unique show space.  Playing went well w/ our co-billers Robin Applewood and Kerry Wing who also brought a fun crowd who danced to the music.  
Sat. 9/8 - Eureka, CA - This is where it gets brutal ;O. We sleep for 2 hours, wake up and then drove 6hrs to Eureka to play Humboldt Pride, where we had an ungodly 11am load in before the event started at noon. As sleep deprevation is a drug of it's own, we enjoyed playing on the fumes to enthusiastic day time crowd of colorful people that kept our spirits alive, including these two friends- Jessicurl and Ava 

Following Pride festivities, we went to our #1 Humboldt Co. host Jim Froland's house and crashed out for an hour before needing to go load in and sound check for our show at Humbrews- Arcata's finest live music venue. Arcata's Missing Link DJ's spun between sets and a good and sweaty night was had by all.
Sun. 9/9 - Blue Lake, CA and Caspar, CA - After a decent nights sleep in Arcata (our home away from home), we headed over to Blue Lake, CA, just 15 minutes away, to play a party at Mad River Brewing Co. for our hosts Terry & Brooke Wold who supported our Kickstarter campaign that funded our last studio album Beam Me Up!  This was a great afternoon show with a super fun crowd of dancing lovely people, in a sweet spot we'd never been to before.  From there, we headed through the windy hills of redwood country through Garberville, to Caspar, CA, located between Mendocino and Fort Bragg, CA on the lost coast hwy 1 right atop beautiful clifflines overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

That night we played the famous Caspar Inn venue that is a essentially a Roadhouse venue with a restaurant and hotel rooms upstairs that we stay in when we play there.  It is one of the best sounding rooms I can think of and our host Bobby Miller is always a site for soar eyes.  We also checked out Calvin Turnbull's studio in Caspar, where we hope to record in the future.  This place had some serious good studio mojo and the best of both Analog and Digital recording worlds.
Mon. 9/10 - DAY OFF - This is where the trip took a turn back south and headed toward San Luis Obispo.  We stopped at our usual hostess' Felicia Gotthelf and Penelope Houston (lead singer of The Avengers fame - S.F. late 70's/early 80's Bay Area punk legends) for a little rest and relaxation; most notably Mars and I's epic late night walk w/ Felicia in search of the late night corn dog, and breakfast the next morning.
Tues. 9/11 - San Luis Obispo, CA - On YBB's second west coast tour in 2008, Jordan reached out in hopes of teaming up with Camper Van Beethoven for a show in Santa Cruz, CA. After being kindly told they were touring Europe and couldn't make it, he invited their agent Jerry Lima out to the show, and YBB made a new friend in the biz.  4 years later, we finally got the opportunity to open for these 80's/90's ska/pop/indie/punk legends for two shows.  San Luis Obispo at SLO Brews (another place we'd wanted to play over the years) was the first night w/ CVB and we actually got a handful of their fans to get up and dance with us.  
Wed. 9/12 - Fresno, CA - As much crap as people talk about Fresno, we see no reason to condemn it. Considering we always play Fresno mid-week, it has some great people who've come out and supported us and have become great friends of the band over the years. This was no exception and we even sold a couple records at their local vinyl shop Spinner records. Let it be known YBB LOVES FRESNO! We ended our two day run w/ Camper Van by getting even more folks up and dancing than in SLO. Yay!

Th. 9/13 - Sacramento, CA - this was our finest Sac show yet. Sandwiched between two rock-steady bands (one of Yogo's fav genres) Sacto Soul Rebels and the Storytellers, and a full house of friends, fans and people from Sac and surrounding areas, this really couldn't have been better.  Thanks goes out to our #1 Sacto host and leader of Sacto Soul Rebels- Tom Mackerness.
Fri. 9/14 - Santa Cruz, CA - As if the bands we were playing with and the venues we played couldn't get any better, it happened: Another Santa Cruz wish come true! We finally got to play at the homely and famous Crepe Place, and not only that but with Santa Cruz' finest original rock-steady/pop/rock acts Dan P. & The Bricks.  These guys were truly a great band and one of the most complementary to co-bill with for YBB.  Check them out, but Dan Potthast delivers like an American Elvis Costello and with some of the most charasmatic frontman energy I've seen in a while.  Tight 9 piece band including a 5 piece horn section too!  Great great show all around and Thanks for hosting us Dan!  This show flyer was hand painted by Dan P. on plywood originally before being transferred to poster.

Sat. 9/15 - Mount Shasta, CA - So you'd figure the tour would finally have reached it's climax in Santa Cruz, but NO! Mount Shasta had to top all with the bad ass mountain town it is: arriving at our hostess with the most amazing chocolate chip cookies on the planet, Laurel Harkness' pad, we got settled in before load in at the Wayside Grill.  This was our long awaited and anticipated outdoor show at the Wayside.  We had tried to pull this off with SambAmore last tour, but weather wouldn't have it, and it has always been a toss up there weather wise as to how it's going to play out.  Well, the godz looked up or down on us with favor and allowed for the outdoor show to happen in the back yard area.  A full yard of Shatites arrived and ready to dance.  From the first note to the last, everybody came close to the stage and rocked it the way a show should be with YBB; with dancing fervor!  The night was beautiful and the beauty of Mount Shasta and it's people couldn't have been more on point.  I tell you there is something super natural about this area known for it's alien/UFO encounters, sacred buriel grounds, stalagmites, stalagtites, gorgeous Lake Siskiyou and the finest drinking water on the planet! Special thanks is due to our venue hosts Terry and Denise, for believing in us 100%, helping encourage Yogo to carry on the dream with YBB earlier this year before the new members came aboard, and always taking care of us like family.
If you're ever in Mt. Shasta, please stop by for an amazing meal (i recommend the Salmon Salad. Oishi!) and some sweet sweet people running the place. Tell em YBB says hi!
Here's a little video of Nightstride at the Wayside

Sun. 9/16 - Cottage Grove, OR -
This would be the last show of the tour. The last few shows really fired us up to make the final drive home, and believe me, we were ready to be home after this two week extravaganza. Yes we drank too much coffee and WAY TOO MANY PEE BREAKS, but we made it tour our final show at the Axe & Fiddle, where we first met our most wonderful road worthy sound engineer Phredd years ago, and expressed hopes of doing this someday.  He was really the best tour companion of all time, always thankful to be there and never complaining about a thing. REALLY!  The last show was a good one, and though we missed our familiar and oh so charming bartender Nicole (who recently left the Axe & Fiddle after years of great service), we felt the love and most eccentric nature of this quirky little town that knows how to get down to the sounds of Yogoman Burning Band.  

We would like to thank all of the wonderful people who hosted us, the venues for having us, all the people who hustled to promote, all the people who came out and danced, bought our merch, and paid the covers at the door to help keep us playing our special kind of dance music for this wonderful world we're all a part of.  
Hugs- Yogoman Burning Band

YBB / Wednesday in Sandpoint ID. then on to Montana for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 

YBB is heading to Sandpoint ID to play at Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters
Thursday it's off to Bozeman Montana for the 12th Annual Music on Main Festival
Friday night we are rolling in to Billings Montana to perform at the Railyard Ale House
Saturday we're heading back to Bozeman to provide the music for a dear friends wedding ceremony.
It's always a great time traveling with this group of friends and bandmates...Meixing will be with us on this one to add to the fun.
Lot's of pics to follow,
See you soon,

Yogoman Burning Band June Shows 

YBB has a ton of upcoming shows for you to shake your booty to!
June 2nd, 6-8 at the Urban Music Festival on the alley stage next to the Wild Buffalo, Free and all-ages
June 2nd, 9 as part of the Appliance Art Revival in Boundary Bay's Beer Garden, $6

YBB is also going on tour with sambAmore!
sambAmore is a 15 piece original samba band from Arcata, CA that incorporates traditional knowledge of Brazillian samba music with their own original flavor.  YBB and sambAmore will also be collaborating on several of YBB songs such as: "Pass the O," "Boomerang" and "If You Don't."

June 14th, Richland, WA at the Emerald of Siam (All-Ages until 10:30)
June 15th, Seattle, WA at the Fremont Fair
June 16th, Bellingham, WA at the Wild Buffalo
June 17th, Seattle, WA at the Washington Brewer's Festival in Marymoor Park (All-Ages)
June 20th, Bend, OR at McMenamins Old St. Francis School (YBB only)
June 21st, North Bend, OR at Roger's Zoo
June 22nd, Mt. Shasta, CA at the Wayside Grill (All-Ages)
June 23rd, Arcata, CA at Humbrews (All-Ages until 9)
June 24th, Caspar, CA at the Caspar Inn
June 26th, Cottage Grove, OR at the Axe and Fiddle
June 27th, Boundary Bay Brewery (All-Ages until 10)

See ya on the dance floor!




We are excited to unleash the new Yogoman Burning Band on your ears, and we will have my good friend and moonlighting YBB member, Robert Sarazin Blake on Guitar for these February shows.  Thank you for your support and spreading the word to your friends about these events and directing people also to our Facebook Site too.  Please feel free to check out our new c.d. or download 4 PIECE CHICKEN DINNER, at our STORE.   The new disc/download is a live performance capturing the one of the last concerts we did with the former 4 piece line up featuring original members Norah McLaughlin and Thomas Deakin at Boundary Bay Brewery outdoors this last July.  4 new unreleased tracks on this disc too!  See you on the dance floor.

New Years Tonight!!! 

For any folks who haven't made up there minds yet, Tonight, 12/31/2011-1/1/2012 will be a great night of music and celebration!
YBB this evening, starting at 10pm is- Mars Lindgren on Trombone, Aaron Harmonson on Bass, Sara Jerns on Trumpet, Robert Blake on Guitar, Jordan Rain/Yogoman on drums/vocals and Jordan's wife Tina Lee North on vocals and percussion.  We hope you have your tickets already as it will sell out, but if not check the brown paper tickets link at:
and get one asap.  Hope to see you dancing, and thank you for all your support.  with Love- Yogoman Burning Band

New YBB Member: welcome Amanda Rhine on Tenor Saxophone! 

Amanda Rhine- Tenor Saxophone & Vocals
Amanda began playing music as a small child, learning by recording songs off the radio to cassette and teaching them to herself on keyboard. She worked her way through the school system of band and choir, and graduated college with a degree in Music. Her main instrument is Clarinet (which may be employed in YBB), but has always had an affinity for the saxophone.

In Amanda's words- "The opportunity to play for YBB is dream. I never imagined in my wildest that I would ever play in the most esteemed band in Bellingham. This is the first time I’ve ever played in a regularly performing band, and am excited to work with an interdependent group of musicians. I look forward to developing and finding my sound--both vocally and instrumentally--through a new approach to music. I guess I’ve always known deep down that I wanted to make music for a living, but never believed it could be a reality. I’m just incredibly grateful to have this opportunity."

New Years 2012 confirmed  

Hey all YBB Fans,
a collection of people who have played in the group over time are coming together for this New Years Explosion at the Shakedown venue in downtown Bellingham, WA.  Robert Blake on guitar, Aaron Harmonson on Bass, Sara Jerns on Trumpet, and of course Mars and I (Jordan Rain/Yogoman) in our usual positions. 

We will be opening the night, doors are at 9pm and we'll kick things off around 10pm.  The All Nighters, Bellingham's original surf/punk/rock group will be playing their own special style of instrumentals served up with a handful of guest vocalists and the Dirty Bird Cabaret dancing to their music.  I will be singing a tune with them at some point in the evening (which tune is a surprise).  
If you're planning on coming from out of town, or even if you live in Bellingham, look for ticket links online or from the Facebook Event as you'll want to purchase advance tickets with only 150 adv. tix available (approx.).   Either band could sell out the Shakedown easily.  We haven't played since August, and the All Nighters haven't played for a year, so this medium sized venue will be packed to the rafters. 

The new formation of YBB is coming together and we are trying a 5th member out this week on Saxophone, so we'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to you all from Yogoman Burning Band.

P.S.- this is a good time to purchase merchandise from our YBB Store for the Holidays.  And, as my free of charge gift to you, I've uploaded the unreleased, but famililar to our live shows track, Meixing (the Family Song), written for my daughter, immediate family and the guy who got me into Jamaican music. For your listening pleasure and dancing shoes!

New YBB Member: welcome MY DAD, Mike Rain on Bass/Vocals (What?) 

If you think this is a weird move, you're absolutely right.  However, my dad and I have been talking about playing music together for a long time, and recent events opened this opportunity into a reality.  I don't know how this will shake out, but we are totally going for it!  My father, Michael Rain, was my first inspiration for music growing up and no doubt who gave me the musical itch that is unsatiable for me up to this point.  Mike has been playing in Northwest bands since the 70's and is at heart a rock n' roller without a doubt.  He has always appreciated YBB and is willing to work with our groove, he is a fun guy to have around, so we are happy to have him in the YBB fold on bass and vocals.  Our family vocal timbre is great for harmony singing and will be cool to have father/son on bass and drums.

*So, only one to two horn players left to complete the circle.  We have a couple contenders that have auditioned, and will probably know quite soon if they are in.  But if you know any girls that play sax or trumpet, now is the time to let them know about YBB auditions.  They will be closing very soon. 

New YBB Member: welcome Nelson Bell on Sousaphone/Trombone 

Welome Nelson Bell, of Seattle, WA, to the YBB fold: Nelson Bell, will be joining the YBB brass on Sousaphone and Trombone.  Nelson is a high school friend of Mars and they played in an Oly ska/punk band called the Jerks together back in the day.  Nelson brings a professional, playful and positively quirky tone to the group. 

YBB Auditions 

Through November, Yogoman Burning Band will be holding auditions mainly for horn (sax or trumpet) and bass players, both of who are able to sing harmony.  Seeking girls/ladies/females to fill these positions to keep the band mixed gender.  Transgendered welcome.
Please get in touch with Jordan Rain/Yogoman at if you're interested, think you have the time, passion, energy, and enjoy touring.

Yogoman Burning Band Break!! 

Hello Fans and Friends,
As of this post 9/5/11, Yogoman Burning Band is taking a little break to re-group or figure out whether or not we are moving forward with Yogoman Burning Band, or moving on to new horizons. 

As of late, our outstanding powerhouse of saxophone talent, Thomas Deakin, is taking a break from the band.  Over the last two years YBB has developed our unique sound as a four piece Drums, Bass, Horns and Vocal band, without the use of guitar or keyboards and are quite proud of the unique sound we have created.  Thomas has been a huge part of our sound and energy aside from the fact that he is a great friend and pleasure to be around.  So while the news of his break from the band is a hard one to swallow, we wish him well on his personal journey whether or not he comes back into the YBB fold or not.  A huge thanks to Thomas for his substantial contribution to Yogoman Burning Band! 

As they say "When it rains it poors" - As of our recent break, we will at least for the time being be losing Norah McLaughlin. Long story short- the touring road and lifestyle is not for everyone. Norah is taking this opportunity to break and concentrate on her home life. I am so lucky, blessed and proud to have played music with Norah for the better half of the last decade; since she was 15 years old- WOW! From the time she first picked up the bass, I knew we had a connection that I had previously never shared with anyone on a rhythmic level as well as our ability to harmonize with each other at the drop of a hat.  I would call our musical connection second nature, inherent, or intuitive. We will greatly miss Norah's earthlike presence in the band holding down the low end, and her golden voice, sweet laugh, soulful dance moves! Thank you for your fundamental contribution to Yogoman Burning Band Norah Iris McLaughlin. You'll always have a home here.

We will be considering and auditioning new members who play any of the following instruments confidently, and if you are interested/excited about touring semi-regularly: bass guitar, keyboard, trombone, trumpet, sousaphone or saxophone (tenor or bari) players who also enjoy and understand harmony singing.

We will be considering at least one replacement to potentially fill the brass section: trombone, trumpet or saxophone players who sing and understand harmony.

In addition to figuring out how or if we will continue as YBB, support in the form of booking, management, and/or promotion, could play an influential factor in favor of keeping the band together.  I am grateful to have learned the ropes of booking, preparing our album releases, promoting, managing and I acknowledge how valuable all aspects of the music business are in addition to publishing, distribution, licensing, promotion, and recording (to name a few), that all play a significant part in keeping a band afloat, visible and growing outward.  As I value the aforementioned jobs, I will do them as long as necessary if we continue, but we will be interviewing and considering any professionals who see the value in what this band does that is unique in the world: making soul-filled dance music that inspires a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Thank you to all of our fans, friends and community who have supported us this far and have helped make Yogoman Burning Band our livelihood.

Sincerely- Jordan Rain/Yogoman

Alki Beach & Subdued Stringband Jamboree fun & THIS WEEK! 

Wow, how perfect this week was for Yogo shows!  Alki Beach in W. Seattle was AMAZING!  What a glorious and beautiful location, great kids/family/community crowd and hope it happens again.  Thanks to the Admiral Neighborhood Association for booking us and Marty Reimer for the reference. 

Subdued Stringband Jamboree was also incredible as usual.  Many amazing acts, side camp jams, and probably the biggest year yet overall attendance-wise.  Good job Robert Blake!  We had a blast at our set with our new three girl dancing trio- the Firebird Sweet comprised of yogodaughter Meixing Rain on vocals and percussion, and her two friends Ruby Winkle and Ava on the awesome stage presence/dance moves.  We also had a youth man busting some serious moves Stage Right (left for the audience) during our set in fine Yogo execution.  If anyone knows who that was or who's kid he was, we'd like to get in touch with him to see if he would like to dance with us more often! Great to see so many familiar faces from around the country, and so many great Bellingham friends and community at one event. 

THIS WEEK: we are going to be at Chair 9 in Glacier on Friday, Jazzbones in Tacoma on Saturday w/ N.W. Sons, and at the NW Herbal Fair on Sunday headlining the Main Stage at 8pm.  Hope to see you out there dancing ;) Love- Yogos!

Olympia Rocks! Here we come Yakima! 

Just got back from a two show Olympia Experience that shook the pillars of heaven.  First was a concert at Sylvester Park in downtown Oly, where we played to 1600 folks and a great dancing crowd, some of whom were an awesome group of Thai ESL students from Evergreen.  They definitely got the dance party hoppin'.  Fun stuff.  Thanks to Mars' dad Braun for announcing us and being a sponsor for the event.

Then we headed over to the Royal where we were guests at the Brown Edition's regular Wednesday residency.  This sound was good, room was full and people got hella sweaty dancing to the experience that ensued via the musical wheels.  One of the funner shows we've played lately, and we were on point, pulling out some improvised surprises. 

Friday August 5th, we'll be heading to the beloved Yakima Sports Center, to play some live music to some of our best fans in the state.

Port Townsend - Portland - Hood River, OR 

Port Townsend- We dug deep at the Undertown in Port Townsend this weekend and came up silver.  It was a good weekend overall and there was some great dancing, but we're still in search of the quest that will bring all P.T. cruisers together in epic proportion (the people, not the cars). It was a cool and unique setup, like playing in a dungeon in an old English castle.  Awesome staff and we are thankful for everyone at the Undertown for having us this last weekend, our friends for coming out, and of course the Blue Moose for treating us like family and making the dynamic and most delicious breakfast! Cardamom Coffee Cake- oh GOD!

Portland- this week we are bringing up Portland Oregon's own Tezeta band (formerly the Five Fingers of Funk in the 90's), performing Ethiopian inspired funk/soul/jazz reminiscent of the 60's and 70's material heard on in the legendary Ethiopiques series - check it out if you haven't, it's a great place to start in the Ethiopian throwback odyssey.  Tezeta band will be at Boundary Bay with Yogoman Burning Band this Wednesday at Boundary Bay, July 27th.  if you you're coming and you do the FB thing, RSVP here.

Hood River, OR- Speaking of Portland things, just east on the Columbia, a little over an hour from Portland, YBB will be playing Hood River, OR this Friday on the Columbia River at the Sandbar Cafe outdoors at 8pm.  This event was inspired by Doug Archibald and our roving group of Sailing fans that show up in the damdest places via boat to our shows.  So awesome!  If you're in Portland it's not far away and a great opportunity to get out of the city.  Hope to see you there.  FB event here if you want to let us know you're coming. 

Cheers to all and Beam Me Up! - YBB

This Weekend: Spokane, Idaho, and Twisp! 

Yogoman Burning Band is heading east for the weekend and we're ready to light up Spokane, Sagle Idaho, and Twisp for those ready to dance! 

SPOKANE: The last and first time we played Spokane we played the Baby Bar and it was a fun experience, via the friendly staff, with a couple of out of town bands from Portland who also rocked the joint.  For our second visit to Spokane we are on solo at the Blue Spark and excited to connect with some new folks and friends of friends (there are a lot of Spokane to Bellingham transplants).

SAGLE, IDAHO: This is our second year playing the Remembering Jerry Festival at the Eureka Center in Sagle, Idaho.  I'm not sure why we were initially selected to play the festival last year, being that we don't sound anything like Jerry Garcia's music or the Grateful Dead, but it was a blast, we rocked some people out in the country surrounded by beautiful woods, played some games, ate some great food, and met some sweet folks.  Here's a video of us working our song "Coco Lopez" in this little cabin/house that was later in the night a chill down room, it shows you a little lay of the land, and Thomas' mohawk, which is nice!

TWISP:  We've yet to have a blow out show in Twisp, WA at the famous Twisp River Pub, and it's probably our fault for only playing there once a year and not reappearing sooner, BUT- I have a feeling this is going to be the exception.  Aaron the booker, owner (i believe) and GM, of the place is a super sweet guy that always treats bands well and makes us feel at home. TRP serves great food, beer, wine and mixed drinks, with a super friendly staff.  We are grateful that they are having us back and hope the word spreads well around town that Yogoman Burning Band is coming to the sweet town of Twisp to help them get their dance on, which they so deserve.  The last time we played TRP, there was a crew fresh off the job of firejumpers; and how appropo is that with the Burning Band?

For more info on the shows and to see the rest of our calendar see the SHOWS/EVENTS/PARTIES section of our website.  Love to all and have a good day and night!
- Yogoman