1. Street Lights
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1) the chaos of being a city person
2) Bellingham, WA Pride
3) Having your cake and eating it too
4) Knowing when it is a good time to get out of the city (take a little trip)


Street Lights, Tell me where I come from
Street Lights, Tell me where I'm at, those
Street Lights, Tell me where I'm coming, so go, go, go, go, yeah!

Bellingham Washington (is where I'm from)
In the Northwest corner of the (USA)
If I had to pick a place to live (Anywhere)
You know I wouldn't have it any other way
Sometimes the rainy days get a little bit old
I wanna see the sun 'cos I'm a little bit cold
When I get stuck and I need a little flip
that's about the time I'm gonna take a little trip you know I'm
Cruisin with my family (you know my crew)
Ridin' down the west coast (the avenue)
Say hello to L.A. (around the way)
NOLA, North Cackalackee and the Bayou hit me back

Street Lights chorus X2

I come from the city (buzz around buzz around)
I look to the country (with the fresh green grass)
My girl's lookin' pretty (so sweet so sweet)
Don't you know that I really wanna squeeze that (just keep movin' now)
Roll around town doin' this an that
I say hello to my people no matter where I'm at,
when I get tired and I need to take a break,
but my culture push me (wait) push me (wait) push me (wait)

Street Lights chorus X2

Well I'm right smack dab in the middle of the road
and I feel like I need to pick a side
but the fruit that I'm eatin' so sweet so sweet and I don't wanna give it back (so let me ride)

Street Lights chorus X2