1. I Got Joy
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You will hear it echo long after I die!
Listen to the little people, and don't take their innocent/genius state for granted.


Verse 1:
Yes I am wakin’ up, yes I am getting’ hungry, yes I am washin’ dishes by and by
There’s a whole lotta hope in the bottom of my soul
And I’m gonna kill them haters with my love of life

Verse 2:
No I ain’t gettin’ tired, no ain’t gettin’ old, no I ain’t gettin’ weary in my stride
I feel just fine hangin’ out with my friends
Makin’ magic in the music come alive

I got Joy (I got Joy), I got Joy (I got Joy), (together) I got Joy Joy Joy Joy Joy

You can dance you can sing only love is what I bring
You will hear it echo long after I die

Verse 3:

I’ve a daughter Meixing, she’s as sweet as a pea, she make even the bitterest man crack a smile
She’s so pretty she makes all of them act silly,
make everybody stop make their mouth drop (Together) DAMN!



Seems like life is the Heavyweight Champion
Knock you down and it seems like you’re good as gone.
That’s the time you’ve gotta look to your loved ones

Don’t be afraid to ask the little ones, you know they know what’s goin’ on.

Verse 5:
Listen close to the children, their wishes don’t dismiss ‘em
Wake up and help them learn to love this life
'Cos you only got one, it’s OK to suck your thumb
Hoola Hoopin’ is a righteous way of life.