New Years 2012 confirmed 

Hey all YBB Fans,
a collection of people who have played in the group over time are coming together for this New Years Explosion at the Shakedown venue in downtown Bellingham, WA.  Robert Blake on guitar, Aaron Harmonson on Bass, Sara Jerns on Trumpet, and of course Mars and I (Jordan Rain/Yogoman) in our usual positions. 

We will be opening the night, doors are at 9pm and we'll kick things off around 10pm.  The All Nighters, Bellingham's original surf/punk/rock group will be playing their own special style of instrumentals served up with a handful of guest vocalists and the Dirty Bird Cabaret dancing to their music.  I will be singing a tune with them at some point in the evening (which tune is a surprise).  
If you're planning on coming from out of town, or even if you live in Bellingham, look for ticket links online or from the Facebook Event as you'll want to purchase advance tickets with only 150 adv. tix available (approx.).   Either band could sell out the Shakedown easily.  We haven't played since August, and the All Nighters haven't played for a year, so this medium sized venue will be packed to the rafters. 

The new formation of YBB is coming together and we are trying a 5th member out this week on Saxophone, so we'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to you all from Yogoman Burning Band.

P.S.- this is a good time to purchase merchandise from our YBB Store for the Holidays.  And, as my free of charge gift to you, I've uploaded the unreleased, but famililar to our live shows track, Meixing (the Family Song), written for my daughter, immediate family and the guy who got me into Jamaican music. For your listening pleasure and dancing shoes!

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