Yogoman & Bongo Jac create a Swamp Boogie sound, combining Early Rock n Roll, Country, Soul and Jazz with vintage Jamaican music. This American duo echoes the region in which they live - N.E. Texas on the Louisiana border. With the sweetness of the pines and depths of the swamp, their heart felt harmonies and rhythmic strength create danceable music that brings a positive vibration to any stage. 


 This touring husband and wife duo joyfully sing Jordan Rain/Yogoman's original music and standards. Jordan & Jacqueline have been active musicians for three decades and often include their son Buck Rain in their act on keys, melodica, xylophone and vocals. 



Yogoman & Bongo Jac feat. Big Buck perform at festivals, private and public events.



YOGOMAN Burning Band @ Boogie Woogie Fest

Marshall, TX

Yogoman Burning Band will be performing at Marshall Texas’s second annual Boogie Woogie Fest showing the connection between Boogie Woogie music and Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae with many avenues in between such as Blues, Jazz, Soul and Rock ‘n’ Roll all in the birthplace of Boogie Woogie Music, Marshall, TX.