1. I Go Free
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I go free, of negativity,
I go slow, gotta go with the flow
I said no, F the bla so so

I get high, on the energy higher,
I standby, let the lows roll by
Like a river I'm riding over the bumps take a twist and turn

I go free, be what I wanna be,
I can’t see, what’s botherin’ you
what’s your beef, don’t concern me

If you believe in a hell below, whatever you think gonna make it so
And if you think of joys above, better watch your gonna fall right in love and

Go free, multiply like fire,
Have a whole lotta fun, and never retire
Live a beautiful life, that’s my one desire

Ya know I get down
Everybody in town
Cant hold me down, I wear my crown
I ain't talkin' bout, I’m better than you
cos there's a power in numbers so let’s break through and
Go free, so easily,
Can’t sit still, gotta get my fill
I want joy
every girl and boy