1. Log Jam

From the recording Taking Over Dancehall

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Log Jam

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I got time, and I'm sittin by the river
I got time, but you're stuck in a dam
Water still runs through, but only a trickle
You think it's like Chinese torture but you ain't got a clue

You got lucky, when she turned off
Opened up the jam, so we could get lost
Now you mind's playing tricks on ya, and that's a tell tale sign
That you're just bored. You got to do something to make you feel a little better, uh huh

I get lifted, and you get lilted
Like a flower, that's seen better days
I know we can change, I know that we can change
But we're stuck in a holding pattern.

There's a little girl, sittin on top of the hill
Staring at me, in my dreams
She communicates, without words
She's tellin me about a place
Tellin me about a place that we can be home again
She knows a place that we can be home again