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Hit The Streets

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Better was the time you're words were softly spoken
Better was the letter you sent from Tennessee
Better was the time you said we'd last for ever
You'd hold me in your arms for eternity

Love is blind they say when your heart's on fire
And it's hard to turn off the spell of infatuation
I fell for you just like Johnny Cash said like a child and the fire went wild
Now I'm said but I had my fun

I know it's cliche to ask for your friendship
I must say you got breakin' up down to an art
I say why should we waste our time together knowing each other so damn well
But you stabbed me in the heart

Maybe you think I ought to be a little more manly
I'm happy that I'm made of fifty percent of a girl
Everyone is in denial, Man and woman made a child
We all got half and half so let's have some fun

Better watch your back when you're walkin' around my city
Better look the other way if you don't want heat
'Cos my boat is rock steady, never mind if it's got a few patches
And my guns don't argue so you better just hit the streets