1. 06 Nightstride

From the recording City Of Subdued Excitement

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06 Nightstride

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Doin my thing I came across your wing we hit up in the clouds and I could hear you singin
And the sound delight it cold touched my eyes your lips hips and thighs it’s goin’ down tonight
If I don’t loose my couth it comes from my youth I get wild though I’m tame slightly deranged
When the temperature rose I wanted time to stop, take off my clothes and gently touch your skin

It was just a dream but dreams do come true when I was out of my mind but I could taste the blues
of your love bittersweet and then deeply red so sweet I want to cherish your golden cues
With the buzz aromatic of your pheromone sherry wine sweet lips swooned down on mine, we
doin’ the thing that lovers do but I don’t want you to fade out of my life so come and stick with me eternal like super glue … yeah like super glue

One more time lets go down for the money it’s time to get rich sweet bread and honey
Butter me ya little biscuit ‘cos your cuter than that there where you got nasty but I’m still your big bear,
Beware sugar dumplin’ when I get rough it’s really not tough stuff, I really just can’t control
the way you make me feel wild child like an animal though I try to stay tame
You bring it out in me coz we got that game…

I’m in Love, with you now, I’m in love, with you girl
I’m in Love, with you now, I’m in love, with you babe.