From the recording Beam Me Up!

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Sri Racha (No Way To Say Goodbye)

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Vietnamese Hot sauce love. Sounds of Mexican Ska from outer space. The burning sting of losing someone you care about unexpectedly. "There's no hide..There's no truly say goodbye" lyrics by Larry Yes from his masterpiece song- Take Me To Your Spaceship.. from his album Sing Soul Song Thru Me/Take Me To Your Spaceship, available at Discobolus Records:
I strongly encourage picking up any of Larry's Work. He's my favorite songwriter alive and singing today! I love the above album and Whole Lotta Skeletons. Larry Yes did the painting featured on the cover of this album Beam Me Up! also.


Sri Racha ah ha ha


There's no reason to hide, there's no real way, to truly say goodbye

Sri Racha