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My first kids song I wrote.
Meixing is about 4 when this was recorded. We recorded it the bathroom in the shower for acoustics and Mei plays shakers and shouts/sings/laughs with me during the ditty.


All around and upside down, the children come to play
Everywhere the children stare and hear what people say
Well if you're mean and if you're rude
Ya better get outta town
Please be nice and watch your mouth
or the Yogoman will run you down

We went to the zoo one day to see some animals
Saw some lions horses and the monkeys made there call
oo oo oo aa aa aa, the monkeys jumped around, pppbbbrrr neeee rrrowrrr,
makin' the animal sounds

(this verse written w/ Larry Yes)
We went to the ice cream shop to get a scoop or two
They had chocolate, strawberry and other flavors too
Scoop fell down, sad sad clown, then they had but one,
Luckily we're chuckley and we don't mind the muckley
so now we're gonna have some more fun.