This is Owen, Mei's friend at the time, who also went to Loving Space (which rules) preschool in Bellingham. His parents Johanna and Greg were the owners of the Callaloo Carribean Kitchen for the first incarnation of it post Factory. I still miss the paint job they had there, and fish tanks, that was the best aesthetic inside of any place in Bellingham in my opinion. Had some great shows there. Why would you paint black over that; c'mon Bellingham. As if there isn't enough darkness on the edge of town. It is now the Shakedown, where as of now 9/22/11 I DJ Soul Night on Tuesdays w/ my friend Chris Ritchie (Platonic DJ). I hope it lasts. Anyways, this message is freakin' adorable. You can hear Johanna guiding Owen through the message in the background.