DJ YOGOMAN & Bongo Jac in Anacortes, WA

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Johnny Picasso’s , 500 Commercial Ave., Anacortes, WA

This event will be the official opening of the beer garden and outdoor area at Johnny Picasso’s coffee shop in downtown Anacortes 6:30-10pm! We’ll be spinning my vintage collection of Jamaican Reggae 45’s (records) and we hope you join us for a dance to kick off Johnny Picasso’s awesome new outdoor space! That said, this is part of a larger fundraiser for Free Food Anacortes that distributes food to anyone locally no questions or paperwork involved, and for the Anacortes Family Center that helps displaced or family’s in need of urgent care find resources and a safe place. Also there is a “Cruise The Gut” (the Gut is another name for Commercial St. in Anacortes where cars used to cruise in the 50’s-80’s and was revived recently during covid when outdoor areas became more of a meeting place. So there will be a car show and other festivities throughout the weekend Saturday and Sunday.

More info: Saturday august 27th Johnny Picassos back alley beer garden and cruise in, poker run and music …Sunday august 28th ,Car show and shine at the Anacortes depot 1 o’clock to 4 o’clock, please no early arrivals will be parked before 1 o’clock. Thank you,  hope to see everyone there .

Participants to take place in the poker run-Sign up and pay entry fee between 12pm - 8pm Saturday Aug 27th Johnny Picasso’s 501 Commercial

You’ll receive a map of participating businesses. One card per establishment. You can collect up to ten cards max.

You’ll play your best hand with 5 cards at Johnny Picasso’s no later than 9pm. Before finalizing your hand you may you may request up to 4 new cards cards with the throwing away of an old card for each new card We request a min of a $5 donation for each new card .

All money raised from entree fees and additional cards minus winning prize of $500 will be donate to


What they do ? For additional Info
and questions please go to “FREE FOOD ANACORTES”

Best hand will be determined by the following criteria: Low hand to high hand is as follows top to bottom .

•. High card (aka a big fat nothing) • One pair • Two pair • Three of a kind • Straight • Flush • Full house • Four of a Kind • Straight Flush • Royal Flush • Five of a kind .

We’ll announce the winner that between 915 and 930.